MathSport Asia conferences

MathSport Asia is a group of academicians and sports professionals interested in the promotion and development of the application of mathematics, statistics and data analysis to sports management, sports performance analysis and management and sports coaching and training, in Asia.

MathSport Asia seeks to play the role of a catalyst in encouraging the use of Mathematical and Statistical Analysis in Sports in Asia by organizing Conferences and Workshops, by encouraging research in the area and facilitating its dissemination. MathSport Asia will also seek to promote the teaching of mathematics and statistics using sports.

In this endeavour, MathSport Asia will seek to bring together various stakeholders: academicians, sportspeople, sports bodies, industry, sports academies, sports leagues and the government.

MathSport Asia 2018, the Inaugural Conference, of MathSport Asia was held from December 10-12 2018, at XLRI Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur, India

The conference handbook (including schedule and abstracts) can be found here.

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