Welcome to MathSport International

MathSport International organizes biennal conferences dedicated to all topics where mathematics and sport meet.

Mathsport International 2017, will be hosted by hosted by Padua University (Italy), from Monday 26th June to Wednesday 28th June 2017. It will be the 6th conference in Europe that brings together Maths and Sport. More information on the conference website. Previous conferences have been organised by the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA), by KU Leuven and by Loughborough University.

We invite you to check out the EURO working group OR in Sports, and register for free membership.


econometrics in sport; optimal tournament design and scheduling; competitive strategy; match outcome models; decision support systems; analysis of sporting technologies; analysis of rules and adjudication; performance measures and models; optimisation of sports performance; mathematics education and sport; computationally intensive methods; financial valuation in sport.

The term sport is interpreted liberally here and includes: games and pastimes, gambling, lotteries, and general fitness and health-related activities.

The MathSport committee:

Phil Scarf University of Salford
Anthony Bedford RMIT University
Dries Goossens Ghent University
Ruud Koning University of Groningen
Alun Owen University of Worcester
Frits Spieksma KU Leuven
Ray Stefani California State University, Long Beach


For further information, please contact us at info@mathsportinternational.com.